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The colour purple

The colour purple

Here I am again! On the career wheel I seem to take turns – this will be my third time working for myself. This time, I’m older and wiser (well, a bit wiser anyway!). I realise the branding I’ve chosen is a bit different and so thought it would be good to explain it a bit – and give a bit of insight about me and the way I want to work now.

Firstly, the name – She/her. It came to me while walking the dog, as most good ideas do! There’s a lot in the press about personal pronouns lately, thanks in part to the legend that is Sam Smith, who was brave enough recently to come out as non-binary and ask people to use They/them pronouns. My son Leo is transgender and so pronouns are something I’ve had to think about more than most parents I suspect. So I chose to use my pronouns to name my business for two main reasons.

The first reason is  – this business is just about me. I’m not going to build an agency again, I just want to work in true partnership with people where I can really add value. The second is about standing up as a woman in a space that is still largely dominated by men (the tech channel), and as part of that standing up for a different way of working – one that’s more collaborative, respectful, inclusive, balanced and yes, softer. That doesn’t mean I’m not focused on results or don’t want success – I absolutely do want that. But not at the cost of all else. Results aren’t all that matter – people are. So I want to do work that makes me feel good, that makes you feel good and that we enjoy doing together. To me, that seems obvious, but I’m increasingly finding that it’s not what matters to everyone. So I’m putting it right out there with the name of my business. I was talking to a very smart guy recently, who after selling his own hugely successful business, now invests in other businesses. He said he chooses to work with someone for three reasons:

  • Do I like them?
  • Are they doing something interesting that I can believe in?
  • Can they afford me? (implicitly meaning that do they understand how I can help them and the unique value I can add?)

These seem like pretty good reasons for working with someone, I think and I’ve decided to adopt them! (Thanks, Tim 😊).

The second is the colour. Why choose purple? I had the logo in black and asked a whole bunch of people which one they preferred. I did like it in black – it was cool and crisp. But I had some fantastic comments about why to choose purple – it’s the colour of royalty, magic, mystery and Cadbury’s! But the winner for me from Lynn James ‘The colour purple in stained glass was seen as uniting the ‘wisdom’ of blue and the ‘love’ of red, therefore symbolising justice and royalty.’ Enough said.

If you’d have a project that you want some help with – whether it’s about setting strategy, going to market with partners, dipping a toe into ABM, I’d love to hear more. Let’s get together for a coffee and a chat and take it from there.

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