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Running the 2021 London Marathon for Mermaids

Running the 2021 London Marathon for Mermaids

Hi everyone – just posting this here so it’s easier for people to find! There’s my original post below which tells you a little more about why I’m running the virtual London Marathon for Mermaids this year. (By the way, virtual still means doing all the miles on the London Marathon day! It’s just via an app rather than in London.)

I’m one of only 3 runners for Mermaids, so I’d really like to hit, and beat my target to raise as much money for them as possible! 🙂


Thank you. Gemma x

As the parent of a transgender child, we’ve gone through so much over the last few years in coming to terms with what that means, adjusting to some huge changes and most of all, being there for Leo as he went through the journey to becoming himself. It’s not been easy but Mermaids made an incredible difference to us. Through Mermaids we met other transgender kids and their families and got access to help, support and education for ourselves and for others.

Mermaids stands up for, advocates for and helps and supports transgender kids and their families in every way. I’m so grateful that they are there and doing what they do and I’m honoured and proud to support them – even if it does mean running just over 26 miles to help! (gulp!)

So please, if you can spare a few quid to help other kids like Leo and their families, please do. I know we are all asked for money so often these days that it can become a bit old hat, but Mermaids really do life-saving work for kids who are having a very tough time.

Thanks for any help you can give. It makes a real difference to real people.

Gemma xx

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