She/her is about marketing which is more human. Telling stories that inspire, enliven and invigorate. Working together to excite, engage and connect.
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My Work

My Work:

Human Marketing for Technology Businesses

I specialise in marketing for technology businesses and in the IT channel and I’m particularly (but not exclusively) focused on making partner marketing sing. With the lines blurring between vendors, distributors, resellers, VARs and ISVs, I believe the case for a joint go to market approach has never been stronger. I can help with:

ABM strategy – direct or through partners.

  • Building out an ABM or go to market strategy – to help you win bigger with your existing customers, target new, high value relationships, or develop an ABM strategy through or with your channel partners. 
  • Define the value around your joint go to market proposition
  • Identify who to target, and why
  • Develop an approach to best position you, and your chosen partner(s) for success
  • Support you in the development of concepts and design, where necessary, including copy and content
  • Help and advise on tools and partners that can help with the execution if you are looking for external support

Maximising MDF Funding.

  • If you’re a vendor I can help you recognise where improvements can be made in your MDF allocation to provide more tangible and measurable results
  • If you’re a partner I can help you to develop marketing approaches that will allow you to maximise MDF allocation from your chosen vendors, and develop programs that drive real results for you both

Partner Development.

  • Through more effective partner programs – design, strategy and execution
  • Helping you identify your most successful partnerships and the ones with most potential and target and attract new partners
  • Supporting your marketing strategy and developing a true collaboration that benefits you both and leverages the experience in both organisations most effectively to deliver marketing and sales success

ABM in the Tech Channel.

Global partner marketing ABM program for Sage

ABM program for Sage through Enterprise Management partners over 2 years. Shortlisted for the B2B Marketing Award in 2019 for Best Channel Marketing Initiative. I pioneered ABM at Sage and this was the first time it had been tried through partners. I worked with the countries to help them select suitable partners against a criteria matrix designed to set them up for success and then worked with each partner to explain the program, the benefits and the co-funding model and how it would work to help them identify potential new clients in their chosen verticals, provide them with new, co-branded material that built in their own areas of expertise and value, and created new leads and deals. One partner said it was the best marketing he’d ever seen in 30 years as a Sage partner! The program was rolled out to 24 partners and continued to run after I left Sage as one of the most successful partner initiatives ever undertaken.


EMEA Partner Marketing.

Marketing Playbooks for Palo Alto Networks

Working with partners, the corporate marketing team in the US, and Sales teams who had the experience at the coal face, I developed marketing toolkits in the form of Playbooks for Palo Alto Networks. Across the EMEA channel partner community these enabled and facilitated co-selling of core offerings around networking, security and hardware solutions. Shortlisted for a B2B Marketing award. Nominated internally for marketing excellence and backed by the VP, Channel, EMEA.


Demand Generation.

Demand Generation & Sales Enablement for Avnet

The ‘Right Tools for the Job’ This campaign was across EMEA and covered every aspect of the marketing and sales cycle. I worked with the sales leaders in each country to help them identify potential contacts for the very specific job role in manufacturing businesses who may be the key decision maker in embedded solutions and fixed function devices. My team designed and developed a physical, branded ‘toolkit’ (complete with spanner and socket set!) which was sent out to each contact with a personalised card from their local account manager and an inserted mini brochure which detailed the potential value of an embedded solution for their business. A pipeline into the millions of dollars was built over a 12 month period.

How I work:

I work on a retained or project basis. I work selectively with a small number of high-calibre clients in a relationship where we are both committed to success. I work in a co-operative, consultative way where I help clients recognise and deliver true value. Usually this is based on a set number of days per month to give both sides the necessary security and commitment to success. I am a senior, highly experienced marketer with over 20 years of B2B experience, and 15 of those in the tech channel.

Over this period I have developed an extended network of friends, colleagues, partners and clients who will be happy to speak on my behalf or act as references. Please also see the testimonials page on this website and my recommendations on LinkedIn.