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What marketing should we be doing right now?

There’s a famous quote (which may or may not be a Chinese proverb) that says: ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.’ What it’s basically saying is if you want success in the future, you should take action now.  Marketing is taking a bit of a battering at...

You know you should be doing ABM, right?

ABM is well past the buzzword stage now. Everyone knows it means Account Based Marketing. Adoption is underway and growing fast. TOPO (2019) says companies expect to spend over 40% more on ABM in 2020. But are you starting to feel a bit uneasy that despite all the hype you still don’t have a solid ABM...

The colour purple

Here I am again! On the career wheel I seem to take turns – this will be my third time working for myself. This time, I’m older and wiser (well, a bit wiser anyway!). I realise the branding I’ve chosen is a bit different and so thought it would be good to explain it a bit...